posted on 05 Apr 2017 | 11:30 AM.

Promo: Smartphone Discount Program 

Promo Period: April 1 - 30, 2017


1. The Smartphone Discount Promo will allow subscribers to get a P1,000 discount when subscriber purchases a smartphone together with an ABS-CBNmobile  BIDA KA PLAN 499.
2. ABS-CBNmobile Bida Ka Plan inclusions are: unlimited text to all networks + unlimited calls to ABS-CBNmobile + 2GB data + 200MB access to iWant TV.
3. No ABS-CBN Bida Ka Plan 499 purchased with a smartphone, no handset discount. If subscriber buys other items such as accessories, feature phones (candy bar type of phones), no discount will be given even if the subscriber buys Bida Ka Plan 499 with it.
4. Minimum SRP of the smartphone that is qualified for the discount is P3,000. The discount of the handset is fixed at PhP1,000 regardless of the handset model, for as long as it meets the minimum SRP of Php PhP3,000.
5. The handset discount can only be given once the Subscriber Application Form (SAF) is approved by ABS-CBN validation officer. No discount will be given if the Subscriber Application Form (SAF) is disapproved by ABS-CBN validation officer.
6.All SAF that will be received from this program will undergo validation process. There will be no exemption even if subscriber availed of a high end handset. (e.g. P30K smartphone purchase will still need to be validated by ABS-CBN credit officer)
Note: Subscriber will be subject to pre-termination fee once he / she already receives the P1,000 handset discount from retail partner. Furthermore, subscriber will also be subject to pre-termination fee is he / she requests for disconnection while within lock-in period. Pre-termination fee is computed as Monthly Service Fee x # of months left in contract + P1,000 handset subsidy.